Voice Parts Available

2008-09-07 01:06:33 by PruneClock

Parts available:
Nabi(cat): Taken
Doki(rabbit): Taken
Gangster cat: All 3 taken, I might include a 4th one(IDK).
Guy with blue glasses: Available
That fat guy in Step 2: Available
That old guy inStep 4: Available
The shopkeeper from Step 4: Available
That one with puffer-fish lips in Step 2: Available
That tall girly Asian-looking one in Step 2: Available
This guy I'm including at my beginning: Available, but speak in accent.


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2008-09-07 09:46:08

H e l l o
T h e r e : 3

PruneClock responds:

Take a part, I don't have all day.


2008-09-07 13:06:42

You there, Clock!
I am Dr. Eggman, the new ruler of the Clock Crew and I order you to spam the portal relentlessly with as many [CC] Flash as you possibly can! Today is the day we rage war on all spam groups who dare stand against us, and as a member of the Clock Crew it is your job to spread that title to as many parts of this site as you possibly can!
Now is our time to take over Newgrounds, I trust your fully prepared!

PruneClock responds:

Fuck you, poser.
I may be an actual clock, but I don't actually contribute to the Crew that much. I have one clock flash. So what?
There's no point in making more. I'm already working on something else(cough cough LOOK AT THE NEWS POST RETARD).
So please, just take a voice part and go away.