Just went paintballing with my friends.

2008-09-21 01:02:07 by PruneClock

And I have the craziest story:
I was at this in-SANE course with bunkers everywhere and people shooting at me, so I decided to go Rambo shit on them. So I basically wasted all of my paintballs. And guess what? I actually hit over half of them before I got shot in the balls. Thank God for jock straps. >_<
Also, on another course, I actually managed to get pinned down behind an old tank for 30 minutes before I got pissed. I went total ape shit on them. I managed to own one guy in the f*cking FACE. Ouch.
Overall, paintballing is really fun, although I am covered in welts and really sore and pissed. But, it was definitely worth it.


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